National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day and we wanted to highlight this day so that hopefully people come and meet Spot. This is a day set aside to educate, change minds, and bring about positive media attention to pit bulls across the country all in one day. That's a pretty tall order since there [...]

National Pit Bull Awareness Day2019-10-25T08:36:32-06:00

It’s Not Small Stuff

My dog got hurt on Tuesday. The why and the how don’t matter as much as that he’s going to be fine in a couple of weeks. There’s no one to blame, though the scared part of me really wanted to blame my husband. He got hurt because things happen that you can’t anticipate no [...]

It’s Not Small Stuff2019-11-07T15:46:38-06:00

National Make a Dog’s Day

Today is National Make a Dog's Day and we have twenty-seven dogs waiting for you to make not just today but every day by giving them a new home. We are almost into November so that means we still have time to promote Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. Over the last year, we've posted a lot about why [...]

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PAWSitively Perfect DNA Raffle Contest

Rescued is our favorite breed! But everyone with a rescue mix is curious about what breeds and percentages make up their cuddly canines. Ready to find out one of our rescue pup’s DNA, raise some much-needed funds to rescue more dogs, and maybe win some cash and prizes for yourself? Entering is PAWSitively easy! You [...]

PAWSitively Perfect DNA Raffle Contest2019-10-24T09:29:55-06:00

Connecting Lives, Healing Hearts

Our family wanted to share about three dogs who have blessed us through N.E.W. Pawsibilities In 2013, we adopted the gentlest little cocker spaniel that we named Hannah. She came home and joined our two other dogs, Ryan and Thomas. She was completely blind and it was love at first sight (pun intended). You would [...]

Connecting Lives, Healing Hearts2019-10-19T07:06:47-06:00

Lilo the Lovely!

You ever have one of those weeks or months when you wonder does anything you do even matter? That would be me today. We work hard to rescue dogs from a high kill shelter who might likely not be in good homes if we didn't help. Yet for every dog that we rescue, there are [...]

Lilo the Lovely!2019-10-16T09:09:07-06:00

And She Loves Cats, Too!

Another PAWSitive Ending! And she even loves cats! Congratulations to you and thank you for adopting Raven. "I just have to share with y’all how much I love our Raven (formerly Rain)! Thank y’all so much for sharing her with us and we always enjoy our weekend boardings by you, as well!! She loves her [...]

And She Loves Cats, Too!2019-10-11T12:34:59-06:00

National Love People Day

Today is National Love People Day aka Coconut Day. For those who don't know that my dog's name is Coconut that might not make sense. But once you figure out that piece of the puzzle it all makes sense. If you have ever owned a dog you know that they have the capacity for the [...]

National Love People Day2019-09-30T08:13:02-06:00

The Law of Three

Tomorrow is our first-ever Coldwell Banker Adopt-a-Pet Event at the Oshkosh office on Omro Road. We have over twenty volunteers coming to help and we are so grateful to everyone who is donating a part of their Saturday to help us walk dogs, manage puppies and children together, clean up the inevitable accidents, and answer [...]

The Law of Three2019-09-27T09:37:34-06:00

Ohana Means Family

We love PAWSitive Endings and we are always thrilled to report how awesome our dogs are doing. Today's report comes from Emily Grace. Gotta say, being from Hawaii I love the name Ohana though I've never seen the Lilo and Stitch movie. "I adopted ‘Buddy’ – his name is now Ohana. I just thought it [...]

Ohana Means Family2019-09-24T09:31:58-06:00