Last year we had this wonderful dog. Unless you were a guy. We may never know why but at some point Taco decided he only wanted to be around females. Of course, we don’t know these things when we first get dogs from the high-kill shelter but it became pretty obvious so we labeled him as such. And waited.

And then Gina Burgert stopped by and fell in love. We are so happy with this update! Just a few photos and we love them all!

“Just wanted to let you know what Taco has been up to this summer. He is great at helping in the garden and with yard work. He loves to be outside. Lots of walks on the trail and he follows his big brother Ray everywhere and is beginning to think he’s a hunting dog!

When it’s hot we get out the pool but he just thinks it’s a giant drinking bowl! He’s such an amazing little dude. Adventurous and very outgoing.

We love him very much! Thanks for saving him and seeing his potential 🥰 — Gina Burgert