Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” I hope we all ask ourselves that same question each day and then find someone to help.

Lindsey Lautenschlager’s sister-in-law, Jen, did that last year when she adopted her latest dog, Fergie, from NEW PAWSibilities. Knowing how much joy their dogs brought them, Jen and her husband realized there was someone close to home who needed help.

Lindsey’s husband, Al, who happens to be Jen’s brother, is dealing with a health situation that has left him having to focus on healing each and every day. Jen decided to reach out to her beloved brother with the suggestion to adopt a dog who could act as a companion/therapy dog. Being a great sister Jen reached out to us and explained that Al is home alone during the day while Lindsey works. “Most days he doesn’t have a lot of energy to leave and find things to occupy his time,” Lindsey shared. “It gets lonely at home sometimes so a dog to care for and spend time with seemed like a good fit.”

Since last October Al has been trying to recover and he continues to heal every day. Once we knew of the need we began the process of helping them to choose a rescue dog to rescue Al. Some dogs were too large and probably would have taken too much energy. Others might have been too rambunctious. Every time a new transport arrived and the dog photos went up on the website Lindsey and Al, with help from Jen, debated if this was the one.

And then it happened. From the minute a couple of weeks ago that they saw a picture of Chilly, part of a five-sibling litter of almost three-month-old Hound/Terrier Mix puppies, they felt this was the right dog. They bundled up and off they came to meet Chilly with fingers crossed. It didn’t take long to figure out that Chilly, now Willie, was all they had hoped for and more.

It’s always fun to find out the story behind renaming a puppy. They all felt that since their new little boy didn’t really know his name yet a change was okay. Why Willie? “Because,” explains Lindsey, “Our all-time favorite artist is Willie Nelson, so our puppy is named after a superstar!”

And Willie is turning into a superstar of a dog for Al. Not only is a pet a good companion but he’s also a great distraction which is keeping Al happy and occupied.

“So far, Willie likes playing fetch and chewing on his puppy-sized Kong. He also seems to enjoy a little piece of all-natural chicken puppy treats when he comes in from a successful potty break. It’s early yet, but so far, no accidents! He really likes running circles around the Christmas tree and sniffing all of the gifts to try and find his.

“He is a little lover. He likes to snuggle in a blanket on our laps and take naps. I think he is going to be a wonderful companion to my husband during the day when I’m gone to work. Willie puts smiles on his face already and gives puppy kisses to his “owwies as if he can sense that Al has pain. Thank you all for what you’ve given us. It’s a true Christmas blessing!”

The best part of our job is hearing that our efforts to find the perfect dog are paying off. We love all of our PAWSitive Endings but this one is extra special thanks to Jen for her brilliant idea and to Willie for being such a great dog.