Rumor has it there’s a big game coming up on Sunday. Rumor also has it there won’t be a cheese head as far as the eye can see. But what’s a super bowl party without dogs?
We love our dogs however you dress them, or even if you don’t. But take a few minutes to dog proof your party area for Sunday’s big game.
You may think you know how your dog will act in a loud crowd. Yes, Super Bowl is seriously loud. Some of your guests might be new to your dog so it’s wise to be cautious in the beginning. Crates are great during times like this or, depending on your dog, in a different room. Please make sure that everyone coming knows that this is your dog’s home so that they act accordingly.
It’s not uncommon to take off your dog’s collar while in the house to avoid chaffing. However, with people coming and going, an open door once too often might be all it takes for your pooch to make a break for it. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with all his tags. If your dog is not microchipped please come in and we can do insert the chip for only $15.00 including registration. If you adopted from us he’s already chipped. Hopefully, we are being overly cautious but it’s always good to make sure people can find your dog’s owner if the worst happens.
You’ve heard about designated drivers, right? Why not choose one or two family or friends who know your dog well to keep an eye on him throughout the party? Better safe than sorry.
Keep an eye on alcoholic beverages. Those red Solo cups filled with beverages are dog magnets. Make sure they are out of reach.
Temptations abound when there’s a party. If your dog is going to roam you’ll want to keep a watch for danger foods and areas within reach. The number one culprit this Sunday might be chicken wings because what’s football without wings? Cooking makes chicken bones brittle and they are a huge choking hazard for dogs. Chocolate, spicy foods, nuts, and anything containing Xylitol (diet food and drinks) are a definite no for all dogs.
So, any bets as to who will win? Feel free to post pictures of your dog in jerseys or at the big bash.
Or, if you aren’t a huge football fan you can always watch the Puppy Bowl 2019. I bet it will be way more fun.