I admit it. I love musical comedies. An old drama nerd, I’ve been in dozens of musicals and when I sit down to write I go to Amazon Prime and listen to the literal soundtracks of my life.

One musical that might be a bit obscure to some is called Flower Drum Song. My sister got the lead in that one because she was thin with long, straight hair and, compared to everyone else, could almost pass as a young Chinese girl. It’s actually a pretty bad musical with a few memorable songs, but written by Oscar and Hammerstein it has a place in musical history.

Yesterday, while my husband worked, I listened to one song and remembered when this was my life. As newlyweds decades ago, I loved what this song talked about. No matter the weather, regardless of what we did, Sunday was a perfect day. It was a breakfast-in-bed-drift-back-to-sleep-read-books-and-do-what-makes-you-happy-day. Here’s a snippet to let you know how I used to live my Sundays.

Sunday, sweet Sunday,

With nothing to do,

Lazy and lovely,

My one day with you.

Hazy and happy,

We’ll drift through the day,

Dreaming the hours away.

While all the funny papers lie or fly around the place

I will try my kisses on your funny face.

Dozing, then waking,

On Sunday you’ll see…

On…ly… me!

See what I mean? Not the best song, but I did love my Sundays.

Then came kids and church and kids, and did I mention kids? Working in tourism often meant working both weekend days because tourism has no calendar so it seems.

Then we moved to Wisconsin. Though my husband works in retail he negotiated Sundays off so we could go to church. We’ve yet to find one to attend, that’s another story for a different post, so, for a time, we continued our breakfast-in-bed-drift back to sleep-read-books-and-do-what-makes-you-happy-day. And then we got a dog.

Coconut is a morning dog. And no matter what I tell him as I go through our night-night routine he is still up earlier than what should be legal on Sundays. He scampers to my side of the bed, stands up and makes little sounds until I finally drop my hand so he licks me with great enthusiasm. When that doesn’t work he quickly runs to dad’s side and does the same thing and we give in and say goodbye to the comfy king bed and all the possibilities of old.

At first, it was annoying. Now mornings are my favorite time. Outside for his morning pee then listening to him savor his food as I have my first cup of coffee and sit down to write. He rolls into the smallest possible ball, enjoying the rhythm of the computer keys as he stays close to the person he loves most in the world.

I gave up Sunday mornings when I adopted Coconut but I would not change it for anything. These thirty-three-pounds of loyalty and love have enlarged my life in ways I could never have imagined.

Rescuing a dog with no known past has its challenges. But with patience and lots of love the rewards, no matter the life changes, make it all worthwhile.

We aren’t expecting much snow accumulation today and this week is looking pretty good, too. We have dogs just waiting to ruin your sleep pattern and make you give up your Sunday morning routine. How about coming in to meet a few of our special dogs and finding out which one decides your home is where he wants to spend his Sundays?