We love success stories and this one from Dani Hatch is a great one. Thank you, Dani, for never giving up on Sadie. She is lucky to have you and I bet you’re happy to have her, too. 
“Hi there, happy July!
I just wanted to share this before and after photo of my dog, Sadie. I adopted her back in June 2015 at NEW Pawsibilities (at the time her name was Gennie).
At the time, she was really nervous about men, loud sounds, walking on a leash… pretty much everything. She learned clicker training with me and gained a lot of confidence.
Now she knows tons of tricks and has a bold and sassy personality. She’s hiked hundreds of miles with me and befriends everyone she meets. She is still doing great and I can’t thank you enough for connecting us together.
The left photo was her photo on your website back in 2015 and the right one was taken this month!” — Dani Hatch