No matter how fun it is to see the new puppies and dogs and then cheer when they are adopted nothing comes close to the PAWSitive Ending stories. We love hearing about how each dog is blending into their family and bring joy and happiness to them.
Thank you to Jessica Lynn for sending over these awesome photos and for telling their story. Thank you for your honesty because not every adoption is easy but they are all worthwhile.
“Our family just wanted to send an update on Dan, now known as Arlo!! We adopted him four weeks ago and were able to bring him home three weeks ago.
When we met Arlo he was in some rough shape. He was skinny and happened to get in a bit of a scuffle with another dog. Through the knowledge and care from the awesome staff at NEW Pawsibilties, he was able to come home. You could tell he was scared and skittish of us
We had recently lost our elder dog and our younger dog was having a hard time. She’d lost her companion. We’ll say that at first this wasn’t easy and we weren’t sure if we had made the right decision to bring another dog home. Now after a few weeks, Arlo’s personality sure has come out and they are the best of friends.
Arlo can play non-stop, the house looks like a toy factory exploded and we think he forgets how his legs work at times as he’s quite the klutz when he plays, but we know he’s having fun. 😂
His sister gets annoyed by him at times but still plays. Aside from needing to put some weight on him, he passed a clean bill of health from the vet. He enjoys all six of the pet beds we have in the house along with the couch and bed.
We want to say thank you for saving this sweet boy as he brings so much joy and laughter to our home. He has taught us all a little more patience and understanding because we don’t know the beginning of his story, but we know that the rest of his story is going to be filled with love. Please pass along our gratitude to everyone there. I was that dog mom that was worried and checking on him every day until the day he came home with us. After we adopted him it was hard to leave him, but we knew we had to leave him in the hands of the people who knew how to take care of him while he recouped.” — Jessica Lynn