It’s wonderful when someone sees a photo and just knows. That’s what happened with Angela and Shadow.

Buck, formerly Cash, with our other dog Tanner who we adopted from you five years ago. They warmed right up to each other and great buddies

Unfortunately, my brindled little man Buck went to heaven and now we are looking for a new brother for Tanner

I just wanted to say how amazing Shadow (Paul) is. He is doing amazing and he and big brother Tanner are already best buddies. He’s learning so fast and is so sweet, playful, and cuddly.

Thank you for all you do for these amazing dogs you rescue. Eight years ago when we got Tanner from you we were told he was due to be euthanized the day after you rescued him. He has been so amazing these last eight years that would have been a horrible tragedy. We had Buck only four short years but he was just as wonderful. Now Shadow has joined us and is every bit as amazing as his brothers.

Three short days and he seems like he’s always been here. He is loving exploring all six-plus acres and really loves to play in the leaves. –Angela Wichman