Good news bad news. Good news is that I will have Medicare on April 1! I had insurance but then COBRA, which was crazy expensive, was no longer an option starting January 1. I know many, many people don’t have insurance and it’s scary.
The bad news is that the drug coverage is nowhere as good as it was with my fancy company back home and their COBRA. I was paying a $20 co-pay for my Lyrica. New price? $294! For half the prescribed dose. Yeah, not happening. We’re going to have to start from scratch to figure that out. I mean, come one, that’s a car payment!
So this morning I was at the computer beginning to stress out. I don’t think I knew I was stressed until my little Coconut stopped eating, pulled his bed over to me as close as possible, and put his little, soft head on my ankle and begins to rub. My breathing slowed. My shoulders unclenched. I looked down and saw those eyes staring up at the person he loves most in the world. His entire well being is tied to me and so much of mine is tied to him.
“Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to let us feel we are supported and cared about.”
Coconut listens with his heart. I don’t need to talk, to cry, to make a sound. Coconut knows and when I am with him I feel better. I know I can do this, whatever this is. Oh, at the time this happened I was listening to Kelly Clarkson radio on Amazon Prime. Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.
But Coconut makes me stronger. Dogs are pretty good that way.