The silver lining with all yesterday’s snow is that there very few fireworks. I’m sure they’ll be coming tonight, but it was nice getting a reprieve.

Life is all about looking for the silver lining in the less than stellar happenings in our lives. Last year I was still trying to figuring out this whole dog thing. We’d had Coconut just a few months but I could already see what a difference he was making in my life.

From “I’ll never have a dog ever again” to working to help rescue dogs looking for their silver lining is pretty remarkable. None of this would have happened had it not been for my car wreck and injuries and our subsequent move to Wisconsin. I would still prefer to be living in Hawaii, but while I am here I have to look for silver linings and make a difference in the lives of our pups and the people who are looking for their silver lining.

This is going to be a great year for NEW PAWSibilities! There is so much planned and I can’t wait to share ways that you can help in both large and small ways.

Remember, you have your exact dog because someone saw something in them and helped them find their silver lining in you. Thank you for being part of their silver lining and of ours. As we enter 2019 we wish for you to have a year filled with love, joy, hope, and passion.