What do you miss about our current Safer at Home situation? I miss walking downtown and stopping to greet all the people along the way. I miss shopping at antique shops and enjoying waterfront dining. I miss being able to fly to different states to see family and friends. There’s so much to miss.
This has been a sad week in many ways. The worst is that my husband’s son has COVID-19 and he is not responding the way the doctors would like. He’s up on NH and family can’t be there for him. Gary can’t fly up there because he is so high risk because of his recent cancer surgery. And so we call twice a day and get updates and get sadder and sadder.
Yesterday I went upstairs to read. I was sick of Facebook posts that made me alternatively sad and angry. The barrage of information was just too much! Coconut always wants to be with me but it needs to be on his terms. Coconut hates to cuddle. He’ll come near and push his little body next to mine but that’s about it. He won’t let me pick him up and hold him like other dogs.
I curled up with my book but of course, I kept rereading the same words over and over. This little sidekick of mine who hates to cuddle or to be held jumped on the bed and snuggled as close as he could. He pressed deeper and deeper into my side until he was on top of me. He knew I was sad and he had to be there for me.
That’s the coolest thing about dogs. They know our moods even before we do. And they love us no matter how many tears or how much yelling. They are ridiculously loyal and forgiving and they put your interests first when it really matters.
Many of you are barely hanging on I bet because there are so many concerns and stresses right now. But your dog is always going to be there for you. I bet when this is over you’ll say that what helped you the most to get through this nightmare was your dog. I know it will be for me.
Go hug your dog and then go for a walk or a hike or a dog park. Let your dog be a carefree dog so that they can be there for you when you need them to be.