Thank you, Denise Kay Fetzer, for sending in pictures of your little girl.
Lily, short for Lilith, came to us as Ronni. It’s funny how Mom is so entranced with her son’s new dog because Lily is actually her son’s dog that he adopted in December of 2018.

“She’s as docile as can be – a little sweetheart. At the same time, she is fast. She loves to engage us in chasing her. None of us can keep up with her.

She is actually my son’s dog. She replaced his dog that had been hit by a car last July. Hunter was a high anxiety Chihuahua. We learned how to deal with him and loved him to death, but Lily has been a pleasant change from all the anxiety. I used to vow that I would never get a Chihuahua, but now that I’ve had them, I really love them.”

Lily must be something to turn someone into a believer!

We are so happy for Lily and all of you. We love PAWSitive Endings and this one looks like one for sure. Thank you for sharing.