Yesterday was a good day. The flurries were just enough to look at and cheer that they weren’t going to stick and create the sort of havoc we endured for the last four months. It was still nippy, but the hope of warmth along with the trill of the robin I heard in the yard as Coconut unsuccessfully tried to take a squirrel captive made me happy.

My grandson turned one yesterday! What new math is this where a baby turns one in only a few months yet winter takes a year to end? That’s the way it seems to me. We had a birthday party with the chocolate smeared face and the most well-behaved group of children I’ve ever seen at a birthday party.

After the party, my dog-loving seven-and-a-half-year-old grandson Lucien, my husband Gary, and I went to NEW PAWSibilities to pick up Coconut. And play with dogs. While we were there the rest of the new puppies got adopted and a couple of older dogs, too.

Lucien used Christmas money to partially sponsor two dogs because, as he says, I can’t have a dog because I got a baby brother instead. The good news is that he loves the brother and can come and play with Grandma’s dog. Best of both worlds and all that.

He met four dogs but the dog who stole his heart is ten-year-old Spice. He doesn’t look too thrilled in this picture because as magical as Grandmothers are, and I am super magical, even I could not get my son to agree to let him bring this Poodle/Mix home.

I asked him why Spice instead of a puppy or a big dog to run with and take to the dog park. His answer made me tear up a bit. “Grandma, everyone wants those dogs. An old dog will stay here a long time because the only thing she’s good for is loving you.”

One of the Christmas dogs he sponsored was about the same age and is now in a lovely home. I assured him I would do my best to help Spice find the best home. “Tomorrow, Grandma? Will she go home tomorrow?”

All I could tell him is that Spice will know when her person is ready. Spice is a little nervous but super sweet and cuddly. As each of us held her she calmed down and nestled into us and that contented sigh thing that dogs do so well.

If you are looking for a dog who will simply love you then Spice might be the perfect fit. She has her fresh hairdo courtesy of Bethann so we can see her lovely eyes. She ran around and smelled all sorts of things and has a happy little disposition.

Lucien asked me how much adoption fees are for our dogs. When I told him $300.00 I expected him to be surprised. “I have $300.00. Can I pay the fee so someone without money who needs a dog can come and get her tomorrow?”

Yeah, proud Grandma moment.

Please come in and meet Spice today. You’ll make a little boy very happy if you take her home and give her as much love as she will give you. She really is a sweetheart. Almost as sweet as my one-year-old grandson.