Last month, or maybe it was in July because the summer is passing by at warp speed it seems, we had a dog returned. Now this was not one of those situations where the dog came back in a number of days because the family realized they weren’t ready for a dog. Nor was it one where they learned that the cat they already had was beyond territorial and wasn’t having any part of a dog in the house. No, that wasn’t the case.

It wasn’t because he destroyed the house, barked non-stop, or wasn’t loved. We don’t share reasons here because at the end of the day it’s not about sharing decisions made by death or eviction or divorce or the situations that break hearts. We understood that a couple did the best thing in a bad situation and chose to bring a marvelous boy back to us.

Sonia was looking for a dog, sort of. But her life was incredibly busy so she’s go to our page, click on dog after dog after dog and talk herself out of running down to NEW PAWS to meet them. The timing just wasn’t right.

As it turns out, her boyfriend was doing the same thing. When they showed each other the photo of the same dog they knew. Serendipity! They rushed out to NEW PAWS shortly before closing. 

His shelter name was Lucky. When Lucky came in he went right to Sonia, placed a paw on her shoulder, looked her in the eye, and they both fell deeply in love. Just like that.

The adoption counselor explained why “Lucky” was once again available and that at his old home he had been called Shadow. Sonia looked at this beautiful boy and called him Shadow. That boy knew his name and it was obvious that’s what he would be called when she and Owen took him home.

We’ll let Sonia take over from here. Yep, Serendipity.

“On one of our daily walks through county park we passed a pavilion where a couple approached us and asked to pet our boy. Of course we said yes.  Shadow is a magnet for people who comment on his colors, his eyes, his over all wonderfulness.

The husband and wife complimented his beautiful colors of his coat and the wife asked for his name.  I replied with “Shadow” and I saw tears fill her eyes as she knelt down and greeted my boy. She said they were Shadow’s previous owners. It was a touching and sacred moment when the four of us surrounded this dog we both loved.

Before I could thank them for rescuing Shadow and loving him and being good caretakers without even knowing she would one day hand him over to another family, she then thanked us for giving him such a good home. By this time there were tears all around.  We knew from the day we saw his picture on the website that Shadow was meant for us. Meeting that couple who just happened to be in the park at the exact same time made it even more special. Shadow is the perfect dog for us at the perfect time.” — Sonia Ochowicz