How many second chances have you been given? I’ve been given second chances by so many people that I can’t count them. I would not be the person I am doing what I do to try and help in the rescue process had I not been given second chances.

One of those many, many chances came to me via my dog. Who was a rescue getting his second chance. Without him I can honestly say I would not be here. I truly think the here in this statement means alive. But had I somehow survived my depression, PTSD, anxiety, and anger I would not be living a full life and I would not be part of the chain of people who helped you find your exact dog.
A dog who gives you second and third and forever chances.

Some of us are planning on massive cooking over the next couple of days, others are traveling, and still others are looking at another year of being alone this holiday. Except for their dog.

I am so grateful for second chances. Thank you for helping us give second chances to hundreds if not thousands of dogs each year. And those dogs in turn give their person second chances.