Yesterday we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day. Want to know the cool thing? Every single day is a day to be kind. I love this graphic because my dog hates falling water on his head. I mean he really, really hates it. He’s also a runner.
We’ve worked hard at getting the neighbor’s fence more stable and escape-proof but if Coconut ever gets out and it starts to rain I sure hope someone is there to hold an umbrella over his head as they guide him home.
The greatest act of kindness is adopting a rescue dog. I know Coconut would be grateful to whoever kept him from the rain and brought him back to his loving family.
Rescues are so grateful. We might not know what they went through but they do. They remember the love they might have had as well as hard times being a stray. I am convinced Coconut once had a home and that he likely ran away. Without being microchipped or even wearing a collar they could not find a way to return him. Or maybe they were happy he left because it was one more mouth they did not have to feed.
You might be wondering if you have space, the money, the time, the heart to rescue a dog. Some of you don’t, we get it, but many of you do and if you don’t you have a network of people who do.
Whether your act of kindness is random, like finding a stray dog and giving them shelter until his family can be found or planned like adopting a rescue dog, thank you.