Play relieves doggy boredom. Play tires out dogs and a tired dog is a good dog.

There are lots of things people know they will need to do when they get a dog to make sure their dog is healthy and happy. Choosing the right food, getting your dog on a schedule, helping them to understand a house is not a doggy bathroom, and routine vaccinations and flea and tick medications are the first ones that come to mind.

Because you adopted a rescue from NEW PAWSibilities the spay/neuter piece of the puzzle as well as vaccinations and microchipping all come standard you’re your adoption fee. Our staff can answer questions to get you on the right track and of course, your vet will be invaluable in deciphering how best to raise a happy, healthy pet.

One thing some people neglect to add to the list is play. Today is Take Your Parents to the Playground Day and, despite the rainy weather, this sounds the perfect time to discuss the importance of playing with your dog.

Obviously, dog parents don’t need to go to the playground to have a play session with their dogs. The first thing to know is that play is not just about exercise. We all know the benefits of exercise for both adults and dogs and running, hiking, and walks around should routinely Play isn’t just a fun part of living with your dog. It’s an essential feature of how we all stay emotionally and physically healthy.

The breed of your dog can give you some clues as to their favorite types of games. Retrievers retrieve, Hounds like to use their nose to follow scents and unearth their toys, and Collies love to run. Hide and seek, tug-o-war, playing chase, fetch, and chewing are all games that you can play with your dogs.

Mealtimes can be game time with interactive food dispensers such as those made by Kong and puzzle toys. Feeding dogs can be a fun game that can play an important role in obedience training and also in teaching a dog new tricks.

If you are like most owners you are away from your dog for eight to ten hours a day or more. The good news is that dogs love to sleep so the time does pass. But dogs love their people and just like boys and girls crave playtime with their parents. Playtime is more than exercise.

Play strengthens the bond you have with your dog.
Play provides stimulation and training for your dog.
Play relieves doggy boredom.
Play tires out dogs and a tired dog is a good dog.

There is no shortage of information about the benefits of playing with your dogs and play can be inside or outside at the playground. From brain games to a simple game of tug-o-war or chase you will up your dog cred by playing games with your favorite pooch. Here’s a link to a great article about brain games.

What games do you play with your dog? Any toys you’ve made or purchased that help with gameplay? Let us know because one of the best things about our community is that we learn from each other. I’ll start. Tug-o-war is the winner of champion of our games and here is our favorite toy.