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Taste of the Wild

Foods, Treats, Toys and More!!

Choosing food can be so confusing. At NEW PAWSibilities we believe in Taste of the Wild because they have limited ingredient diets that are high-quality, affordable, and grain-free based on your pet’s natural diet. In every formula, the first ingredient is from real meat, fish or fowl. They use unique proteins like wild boar, bison, smoked trout, roasted duck, venison and Angus beef to make better tasting dog foods your pet will crave.


NEW PAWSibilities is a great place to pick up your dog food because not only do you get wonderful nutrition for your dog, you help support our mission. Even if you can’t adopt a dog right now you might want to consider this nutritious dog food to help your dog and NEWS PAWSibilities at the same time.

Lupine Pet Products

We proudly offer made in America dog collars, leashes, harnesses, and more from Lupine Pet Products. Besides having a large variety of styles and patterns, Lupine offers at 100% replacement even if chewed guarantee! This means that they cover any accidental damage that occurs during normal pet-related activities, even chewing or scratching! Stop by and pick some up for your fur kids.

Doggy Boutique

If you’re in the market for dog clothing, coats, and booties then you are going to want to come to visit us at NEW PAWSibilities. We have some great new and gently used items you can pick up for just a few dollars each. The selection is huge, the prices are ridiculous and, when your dog outgrows an item you are free to come back and do a trade! We also accept gently used, washed items for our doggy boutique. The really wonderful thing about our clothing is that, like our beds, food, leashes, and collars, every penny goes to our mission of saving dogs.