Today is National Weed Appreciation Day. No, not that weed. We are loving the pops of colors and buds finally starting to show.

Walking my dog throughout the neighborhood seeing new growth and discovering flowers and bushes I’ve never enjoyed before is one of my favorite parts of the spring and summer.

Last year was a tough year. Last year we were all in a pandemic and stuck at home. There were a lot of bad things that happened last year but for some people it wasn’t all bad. Like others, we focused on all those home and yard projects we had been putting off. We replaced the porch decking, added a new bathroom vanity, organized the garage redid the front yard landscaping, made garden benches, and purchased garden tools, a new lawn mower, and other things to make life easier for us.

The bad news that happened is that my husband had prostate removal from a pretty nasty cancer and a hip replacement. That meant the yard work all fell on me, the person who knew the least about gardening. We had neighbors who never pulled a weed, had a crop of burdock that defies explanation in a yard that size, and it cause me no shortage of grief. But I bought some tools that helped, learned to embrace the weeds that would not choke out my plants, and I started to love my garden.

At one point I started thinking about using pesticides to make the job easier but I realized that nothing worth doing is worth a shortcut that poisons the water supply and potentially my dog. After a little research I learned how bad these are not only for the environment but also pets.

Sadly, not all neighbors are pet owners and even if they are they don’t think about how awful pesticides are for our four-legged-friends.

Here’s an articles about how to know if your comes into contact with weed killer and eats it and what to do.