People constantly ask about the best way to get a dog at a time when there are so few of them compared to all the people who are still clamoring for a furry friend. It’s a super simple answer. The best way to get a dog is to follow us on Facebook, stalk the available dogs section of our site, and have an approved application on file.
Yes, there is a shortage of dogs that has been ongoing since March when the pandemic started. Partly it’s because people felt like now that they are home and the kids are home this would be a great time to train a dog. People started looking to dogs to be companions since their routine was altered and in many cases, they lived alone.
The flow of dogs from the South came if not to a halt at least to a trickle as shelters in states such as Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida among others saw fewer volunteers and significant drops in donations and grants. We all want to rescue dogs and keep them from needless euthanasia but the reality is that takes money. Money for rent, utilities, staff, spay/neuter surgeries, heartworm and other tests, vaccinations, and transport fees just to name a few. Rescuing dogs is actually an expensive business.
The pandemic became the perfect storm to create an adoption competition as odd as that sounds. Puppies and small dogs, in particular, are in high demand but so are certain specific breeds. People have come from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and beyond in hopes of finding their next best friend.
Melissa Troedel was one of the people who were able to adopt a highly desirable dog this week but she had been looking for quite some time. She did exactly as I suggested and came away with a great dog for their family.
As soon as they met Carli, and they were the first one there, they knew she was the one. Yesterday she sent us a picture of their dog Chewy all dressed to meet his new sister, they purchased a welcome basket for their new baby, and her new name is now Woosha, which is Amharic for dog. Her Ethiopian son chose the name and has been hoping she’d choose him as her human…they are pretty sure it worked.
We give everyone the exact same opportunity to see our dogs at the same time. We don’t play favorites and we have meet and greets based on first come first served.
Congratulations to Melissa and family for finding your new dog after so many months. Persistence paid off!
We have seventeen more dogs available so please get those applications in so that we can help you find the perfect dog for now and when this horrible pandemic is over.