When we moved here four years ago I didn’t factor in the lack of sun. And I really didn’t think about my house being North facing and getting next to no sun and light in the room where I spent the most time this winter watching television since there’s nothing else to do.
Yeah, sure didn’t factor in the pandemic and not being able to travel. We chose Oshkosh when we knew Hawaii was no longer and option because my son and grandsons live here. Little did I know they would be safe in Janesville with the other grandmother most of the year so I wouldn’t even see them much.
It’s been a long haul, and there are days when I’m tired of myself and my attitude. I’ve grumbled too much about the ice, I’ve dreamed too much of going home, and my headaches have been worse.
I’ve snapped at people because I’m tired of being stuck in the house since I don’t drive in the snow and ice. I do have to rejoice that there’s been much less snow than the other years I’ve been here. But those two weeks of sub zero snow was pretty horrible. And my skin and hair are awful! We need spring to come!
But you know what? My dog loves me just as much or even more today than he did the day we met. He loves me in my ratty bathrobe which has become my work uniform. He loves me with straw-like hair, ashy skin, a bad attitude, and depression. And you know what? He’s been the best thing about winter! Coconut doesn’t know we are in a pandemic and that we aren’t doing all that we wanted to do this year.
Dogs are always awesome. But I’ve come to believe that dogs are at their best when we are at our worst. They not only love us, but they appreciate us, are grateful for all we have done, and simply are.
There are so many dogs in shelters across the nation who want someone to love, to appreciate, and to simply be. We are able to rescue the dogs we do from a high-kill shelter. People will sometimes ask us to keep our eyes open for a specific breed of dog. We explain to them that we are focused on saving those who are slated to be murdered, not those who are certain breeds and sizes and ages. We bring in a nice selection of dogs but it’s based on saving lives. The good news is we end up with the best dogs in the Northeast Wisconsin and we complete many families.
I knew this before I moved here but on this, our fourth anniversary in Hawaii, I’ve rediscovered that I’m not perfect but I sure have the perfect dog. He loves me just the way I am. Who else in your life is so understanding, so much fun, so good, and so willing to forgive?
Life isn’t perfect so find the perfect dog to love.
We’d love to help you.