People ask us all the time how they can help to make sure we continue to not just survive but also to thrive. Money. Lots of money always helps. But a simple way that each and every one of you can help is by writing and placing reviews wherever you can. Reviews matter. We get a lot of reviews but this is one of the best because it helps people to understand what we do and all that is possible.
The first picture shows the skin issue but then look at what this couple did! It’s overwhelming how the right dog with the right people can change lives. We are incredibly humbled to be doing what we do and for people like the Johnsons.
“My wife and I view dog ownership differently than most folks. We DID NOT want to buy a puppy for $1200 from a breeder. We did not want the perfect dog with the best bloodlines. We wanted to help save an animal from an uncertain future, possibly its destruction, and give it a good life.
April 30, 2020, we adopted/rescued a two-year-old boy Beagle from NEW Paws. He had just arrived from KY just a few days before. Like so many animals in shelters, his recent past involved terrible neglect. He was missing a lot of hair on his chest and feet from a skin issue. He was underweight. He also had an infection from a neuter surgery done just before he came to WI. He was anything but “picture perfect.”
As it turned out, that made him perfect for us. It’s become our opinion that a shelter is sort of a halfway house for last chance dogs. They can only do so much to help these displaced animals. Our particular dog was going to require intense medical attention. Maybe more than a shelter could provide? Knowing all this, we chose to bring him home with us anyway and do our best.
Our new dog had never been inside a house before he came home with us, he didn’t know how to walk on a leash, he knew no voice commands, definitely not potty-trained, he never had a treat or a chew toy before. The real rescue and rehabilitation started the day we brought him into our lives.
Seven months later our dog is perfect, he’s healthy, happy and a joy to live with. He loves everyone he meets, but he’s crazy about young kids. We are really thankful NEW Paws started the rescue process with us and hope they continue to do so for many otherwise forgotten dogs.” –The Johnsons, Oshkosh