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We love pictures! Please email before and after pictures, names, when you adopted them, and a couple of sentences. Please email as high a resolution photo as possible with your other information to us.

We are looking for PAWSitive Endings! If you’d like your story shared so that others considering the benefits of adopting a rescue dog can see what a difference they’ve made in your life please email us.

Saw ya, loved ya, Gotcha!

How cute are these photos? Happy Gotcha Day! "Happy gotcha day to my best baby girl Fergie Sue Dilge! She is the SWEETEST! We could [...]

Loving His Doggy Brothers!

Another PAWSitive Ending story to kick off our week. Isn't it fabulous when it works so well? "I just wanted to send you guys a [...]

I’ll Meet You At The Bridge

Thank you Diane Process Smits for sharing this lovely PAWSitive Endings story. Grab a Kleenex. This did make me tear up but it also reminded [...]

The Sweetest Dog Ever

We love hearing from our families about their new family members! Blue seems like an awesome dog!   "We wanted to give an update on [...]

Living His Best Life

What an insanely gorgeous boy. We are always happy to get PAWSitive Endings and to know that our dogs are living their best lives. "We [...]

A Perfect Family Fit

Well, gosh, what a shame this family isn't enamored of this dog. Congratulations and we look forward to more updates.   "One week later....this is [...]

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