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We love pictures! Please email before and after pictures, names, when you adopted them, and a couple of sentences. Please email as high a resolution photo as possible with your other information to us.

We are looking for PAWSitive Endings! If you’d like your story shared so that others considering the benefits of adopting a rescue dog can see what a difference they’ve made in your life please email us.

A Match Made In Heaven

In keeping with our mission to bring in dogs others might see as “unadoptable” we typically have several senior dogs in most transports. Isabella, one [...]

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World Traveling Pooch

It's never too late to brag about your dog. We love hearing updates about successful adoptions that have changed your family. As we celebrate National [...]

The Best Thing Ever To Happen

Another PAWSitive Endings story! These are the best part of the job. Well, the smiles and tail wags when someone says yes to the dog [...]

From Rescue to Champion

How cool is this story? A 4-H champion from NEW PAWSibilities. "Six years ago we adopted Cletus, a Shar-pei Bassett mix from NEW PAWsibilities. He [...]

And She Even Loves the Cat!

"We renamed Emma “Annie” and she loves her new family! We had some bathroom issues at first but she is doing great now and is [...]