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We love pictures! Please email before and after pictures, names, when you adopted them, and a couple of sentences. Please email as high a resolution photo as possible with your other information to us.

We are looking for PAWSitive Endings! If you’d like your story shared so that others considering the benefits of adopting a rescue dog can see what a difference they’ve made in your life please email us.

The Perfect Match

Talk about a perfect match. I love this PAWSitive Ending story. We seriously have the best adopters around.   "Hello there. We adopted Henry (formerly [...]

Daddy Knew Best

This is a wonderful story filled with so much happiness and joy. "Hi, there! I wanted to share our PAWSitive Ending story with you! We [...]

He Completes Their Family

And the PAWSitive Endings just keep on coming.   Seriously the sweetest little guy. Adjusting so well! Took a few days but Gus (Gatsby) is [...]

Six Plus Acres of Doggy Happiness

It's wonderful when someone sees a photo and just knows. That's what happened with Angela and Shadow. Buck, formerly Cash, with our other dog Tanner [...]

Two Pretty Pups

Aren't they the prettiest dogs for today's PAWSitive Ending?   "Otis, a.k.a. Wonka, has been a typical puppy, but he loves his new older brother [...]

He Broke A Couch!

Short, and sweet, and full of love. And a new couch we assume. "Good morning! We adopted George on July 5th, 2019. He has been [...]

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