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We love pictures! Please email before and after pictures, names, when you adopted them, and a couple of sentences. Please email as high a resolution photo as possible with your other information to us.

We are looking for PAWSitive Endings! If you’d like your story shared so that others considering the benefits of adopting a rescue dog can see what a difference they’ve made in your life please email us.

A Football Player in the Making

Another awesome PAWSitive Ending. This is why we do what we do even when we barely have enough money to pay the bills and have [...]

Paddle Boarding Doggy!

So much to catch up with family members visiting. But it's always the perfect day to brag about our PAWSitive Endings! Even though it's rainy [...]

Dogs Bring Families Together

Another fantastic PAWSitive Ending story. We love hearing how dogs bring people together and in this case it's really true. Thank you to Johannes for [...]

The Right One For Us!

What a GREAT way to start today. Adoption days are super, super busy and we have the best people in the world coming to us. [...]

Best Dog Ever!

Hailee Martin sent in this short but oh so sweet update. We love sharing these! And we remember this litter of cuties.   "We adopted [...]

Laughter Every Day

Thank you to Lynn Smith for her short and sweet update and incredibly adorable photo. This dog! "Hi, Just wanted to let you know that [...]