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We love pictures! Please email before and after pictures, names, when you adopted them, and a couple of sentences. Please email as high a resolution photo as possible with your other information to us.

We are looking for PAWSitive Endings! If you’d like your story shared so that others considering the benefits of adopting a rescue dog can see what a difference they’ve made in your life please email us.

A Perfect Family Fit

And another cutie with her DNA. These are such fun.   "Hi,   We adopted Fiona (Rachel) last year in July. She was Border Collie/Mix. [...]

A Special Girl

This girl is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful everything. We love hearing such PAWSitive Ending stories and when they include the DNA it's even better. [...]

A Perfect Fit For Us

Another PAWSitive Ending!   "Hello! Remember Bev? She was adopted right before Easter and we surprised our kids with an early Easter present 🙂 hence [...]

A Gaelic Gal

Look at this dog!   What a wonderful short and sweet PAWSitive Ending. Loving this name.   "Thank you for our sweet girl. The bottom [...]

A Special Part of the Family

Another PAWSitive Ending story and we would love to have more. If you want to feature your rescue pooch please email me at We [...]

A Social Butterfly

"I have a PAWSitive Ending to share! I adopted "Ari," now Ollie, back in July and he is less of a dog and more of [...]

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