And another PAWSitive Ending. Yeah! She is just the prettiest girl. Totally love this.
“I adopted Bree almost a year ago (12/18/19), she was two years old & 39 pounds. Now almost three, she is a whole 45 pounds of love, joy, and playfulness.
Upon adopting her I knew I was taking on a large responsibility, but I underestimated the love, companionship, & happiness that she was soon to be bringing into my life.
She is my fur baby and I take her everywhere that she is allowed to go, my sidekick.
The pictures in the video are mainly of the two of us, but she has definitely left her mark on the hearts of my family members as well.
Thanks to the workers at NEW PAWs – I am forever grateful for my pup & the work that they do. This is only the beginning of our time together…
PAWsitive Beginning♡” — Victoria O’Laire