Seven days a week families of every shape and size come to NEW PAWSibilities searching for the perfect dog. Throughout the adoption process, sometimes a few hours, often much longer, they work with our compassionate, patient, and knowledgeable staff. Each person here is dedicated to making a life-saving impact within our community and beyond. At NEW PAWSibilities we rescue dogs who in turn rescue their new owners. Rescuing pets and strays who have seemingly outlived their usefulness is rarely a first-choice career. Regardless of how each of our incredible staff arrived on our doorstep, it’s obvious that they are all here because, at some point, a dog rescued them.


Jim Deering- Executive Director 

Beneath the gruff exterior that Jim Deering likes to put on beats the proverbial heart of gold when it comes to dogs. When you see him with our rescue dogs you know you’ve just met someone incredibly special. Jim was born and raised in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Before he became the superman of dogs, his career as a dairy farmer ended after a fall from a silo on the farm near Madison. A friend, the perfect location, a shelter partner 650 miles away, and over 2,500 rescue pups later, Jim is still connecting dogs and people despite the inevitable bumps in the non-profit road. When he’s not rescuing dogs, Jim and his husband are busy on their hobby farm. Because there will always be dogs to rescue Jim doesn’t get to do as much gardening and traveling as he would like, but hopefully that will change sooner than later. Fun fact about Jim? His favorite dog is the Dachshund.

Chance FultnerManager

In the Spring of 2013 Chance Fultner came to NEW PAWSibilities as part of his drug court community service. When we first met Chance he was very quiet and did his assigned tasks without question. We soon discovered that not only was he an excellent worker, but beneath his quiet exterior was a man who possessed the number one quality needed to work with dogs often thought of as unadoptable; compassion. A few months into his tenure we left Chance in charge for a weekend. Instead of coming back to what could have been a disaster we returned to a success story. Chance has continuously grown and matured with us through the inevitable growing pain bumps in the road on both parts. Chance has maintained complete sobriety in his over five years with us and has, for the first time in his life, maintained steady full-time employment. The level of caring and compassion Chance has cannot be taught and we are so lucky to have his energy in our building!

Andrew (Drew) Erdmann– Assistant Manager

They say that taking referrals from current employees can either work out well or be a complete friendship-ending nightmare. In the case of our assistant manager Andrew (Drew) Erdmann, the former was definitely the case. Drew came to NEW PAWSibilities at the suggestion of his friend, Chance Fultner. He began as a volunteer, helping out wherever he was asked, and he had a meticulousness to his work we appreciated. Drew became a part-time employee in the Fall of 2013 and is now close to being full-time. We are so pleased with his dedication to our cause and his love for the animals. Drew has grown by leaps and bounds during his time with us. He recently started doing more clerical and customer service jobs and he has flourished. Drew can be soft-spoken, but that’s proven an asset with shy dogs who need a soft touch and slow hand. The level of improvement and growth we have seen with Drew is wonderful and our team would not be nearly as strong without such an outstanding member.

Candi VisAdoption Coordinator

Candi came to NEW Pawsibilities through a Department of Vocational Rehabilitation work experience program three years ago. After Candi worked for us through the program for several weeks it seemed natural to add her as part of our permanent team. She began working as a kennel assistant doing a great job cleaning and monitoring the puppies in our care. Through her persistence and sunny attitude, Candi worked her way up to being an adoption counselor. Her unofficial title is how-in-the-world-could-we-do-without-you-general-facility-assistant. Candi brought with her a few years of veterinarian technician experience which has proven incredibly useful when helping with vaccinations and general care for the dogs and puppies. Candi is a joy to be around because of her easy-going, cheerful demeanor. Her soft-spoken nature works great with shy dogs. Candi is a real asset to our group.

Carmen Leal ScottMarketing and Communications Manager

Carmen came to us by a circuitous route from Hawaii. A professed non-dog person, she finally listened to her doctor and began looking for an emotional support dog following a traumatic brain injury after a severe automobile wreck. Carmen and her husband didn’t plan on rescuing a dog the day they brought their shepherd mix home as they wanted to tour every place that had adoptable dogs before making a choice. Their first stop, only because we were open on a Saturday last October, was NEW PAWSibilities. It didn’t take Carmen long to fall in love with her newly renamed Coconut or to see that while the staff knew a lot about dogs they were lacking in marketing knowledge. Carmen is a marketing professional, a published author, and motivational speaker. She started out volunteering as our website doggy bio writer and has moved on to Facebook postings, grant writing, fundraising, and more. Since none of us on our team knows much about marketing, we are grateful that Carmen brings that skill set to the team.

Dave Schumacher– Volunteer

In the Spring of 2016, two seemingly unrelated things happened that guided Dave to NEW PAWSibilities. Losing his beloved dog overshadowed the joy of his recent retirement. He wasn’t sure if the time was right to get another pet so, with time on his hands and a passion for dogs, he became a volunteer dog walker. Dave quickly became a staff favorite because he always says yes when asked to help out and his mantra is to always do right by the animals. Seeing how short staff we were Dave began cleaning and somehow, he logged in three hours daily every day of the week. It took some doing, but we finally convinced him that self-care was important and so now he’s cut back to only five days a week. Dave cleans, walks the dogs, does laundry, takes out the garbage and is always willing to help with construction or fix-it projects. It’s amazing how much of our honey-do list Dave does for us. Dave is a true godsend and it is impossible to imagine running NEW PAWSibilities without him.