Coconut (formerly Niki) is actually a hero who has changed my life. Like so many rescue dogs we simply do not know his whole story. Somehow making his way to a high kill shelter in Hazzard, KY, this now spunky puppy-faced certain death had it not been for being plucked out and transported to NEW PAWSibilities. Coconut was grossly underweight, worm infested, and suffered from an extreme case of kennel cough. It’s hard to imagine seeing the transformation, but this now exuberant and loving boy was in such fear of never seeing food again that he wolfed down his meals so quickly we were afraid he might choke. He suffered from extreme separation anxiety and depression. Unlike today, Coconut spent most of his days rolled in a ball until patient staff and volunteers coaxed him out of his shell and, eventually, into his lifelong, loving home. After three weeks we adopted him at first sight and is now not only my emotional support dog but the well-loved neighborhood ambassador.

I had moved to Oshkosh from Hawaii after a life-changing car wreck resulting in moderate frontal brain damage and level ten headaches. I was in so much physical and mental pain that suicide was a very real and hopeful option.  An emotional support dog was a last-ditch effort to help with the relentless headaches, anxiety, and depression. The adoption counselor brought Coconut into the room and, without hesitation, he sat down as if daring me to not fall in love with him. When I looked at his beautiful face and stared into those trusting eyes something hopeful sparked. Through a tangled journey, both Coconut and I found our way to NEW PAWSibilities so that we could start our journey back to health together. Coconut is living proof that tossed aside dogs and broken people can help each other become whole.

-Carmen Scott, Oshkosh, WI