What a beautiful, beautiful dog! I love this story because it shows how important it is to use social media to tag and forward posts to people who might be looking for a dog. We are thrilled this worked out so well!
“Successful adoption from November 2019. Elly previously known as Cici is a beautiful brown Weimaraner with piercing green eyes.
In July 2019 we lost a grey Weimar that had been with us since she was rescued as a new pup. We weren’t looking for a replacement for our pack but someone tagged me with her picture on Facebook. My husband and I went to meet her as soon as she arrived in Oshkosh from Kentucky.
She was skinny and had just been spayed three days prior. She had the same look our Lexy had, cautious, curious and loving on her terms. We filled out the paperwork, left a down payment, and went home to get “the boys” Luke and Beavis who have their own stories.
The boys approved so Elly has been making memories with us ever since.
Thank you N.E.W. PAWSibilities” — Jean Callaway