“One look at our rescue Alex, on his “Gotcha” day vs. now. Love and care allowed this fella a second chance.” — Tom Long





“Bentley & Gretta were adopted from you nearly two years ago and I am forever grateful!” — Tom Prestby





“Chester was just the addition to our family that we needed. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. Thanks for all that you do! He settled in very quickly😊 #opttoadopt” – Alexander Newkirk





“Blu and Emmi in their Christmas robes.” — Heather Hahn






“Adopting Jax was the best thing I ever did! I am always watching your site and thanks for all you do! 😁” – Debra Schwandt Payne





“It’s amazing what change happens in a short amount of time. This is Leon, a little under a year ago and now.” — Chris Zbinden