Everything in my life seems to happen so that I can write about it.

Before I left for Europe I made sure I had a spare pair of glasses since I need them for distance. Sounds easy, right? You would be wrong. Remember that life equals story in my case.

It’s a very long story. After we first adopted Coconut I knew nothing about dogs. I really didn’t know that dogs have some rules that people don’t know. It might take a lifetime to learn these rules. Even if you don’t know the rules there is payback for you and that is especially true with separation anxiety. One day I left Coconut in his kennel for a couple of hours while I ran errands where dogs are not allowed. No big deal, he’d been left before. So, back to those rules. Not sure what rule I broke but I guess I had to pay for the infraction of said rule. Not a rule I knew. But a rule that resulted in him chewing my prescription glasses to the point that even Duct tape would not help. My husband took off work early and drove me someplace to get one-hour glasses. We bought two pair, always need a back-up and this was a new prescription, and all was good. Except for the Visa bill on top of the other separation anxiety bills. But dogs are cute and they grow on us thank goodness.

Five days before leaving for Europe, again for no apparent reason, Coconut thought to take a flying leap over my head to get onto the sofa made all the sense in the world. It did not. Especially when my head was in the direct path of a back leg. Do you know that a back-leg kick to the temple of a pair of metal glasses will shear the temple right off? Well, you do now.

This time I had a spare pair so I put them on and went to four stores trying to find glasses that would fit my wide face, that I would maybe afford, and that would be ready for pickup before I left. Nothing fit, High cheekbones are not all they are cracked up to be, and when there was a possible option it would take seven or ten days for them to arrive which I did not have.

I’m guessing going to Europe without a spare pair of glasses is just asking for trouble. But I tried!

Day three of the tour I wore my glasses onto the bus in Vienna. Then I lost them. I took them off to read my phone and they likely slipped off my dress onto the floor. I searched. Gary searched. The tour guide searched. Announcements were made to no avail. We called the hotel because obviously, I was not to be trusted when I said I wore them onto the bus which means they weren’t in the hotel, and, surprise, no glasses found. I left the tour and took a taxi to the hotel. People were on their hands and knees searching for the glasses from one end of the bus to the next.

No glasses in my room. I knew they couldn’t be there because who walks out not wearing distance glasses? Seriously, they weren’t cute enough to steal. Maybe a Lion’s Club member found them and they are off to some Thursday world country. Another great mystery of life.

The front desk clerk was fantastic because without even asking he Googled nearby shops and called one where the owner spoke English. As long as I got there by 6:00 pm I could pick them up at 10:00 the next morning. I set out in near ninety-degree heat walking almost blind and somehow, against all odds, found the store. It was like walking in an impressionistic painting the whole way. With a headache.

Now comes the fun part. No, not the four hundred Euro I dropped on boring glasses, but the fact that the shop owners love dogs! They were dog sitting for a stunning Afghan and a customer with the cutest little redheaded boy showing off his new red glasses was with their rescue Collie. After choosing my glasses the owner went up to their apartment and brought their rescue Saluki down to meet me. We had a wonderful time of sharing pictures and dog stories.

When I came back the next day the owner had a huge bag of treats for me. Mozart candies, really, it’s a thing, cookies, jelly, and a cleaning cloth for my glasses emblazoned with a picture of their dog who they had lost a few months ago.

I’m not going to say that our time together was worth the $383.00 plus the $11.37 transaction fee but it was wonderful being in a country where dogs are appreciated and not only tolerated. They are everywhere! And they are loved.

So here’s the rest of the story. The very last day someone from the bus tour, meaning someone who had flown with us all the way from Chicago and also spoke English, turned in my glasses. I missed three tours and spent money I could not afford. But I do have a spare. They are the wrong prescription since I have an updated one now, but it’s better than nothing. And I met dog people in Vienna.

Coconut is lucky he’s cute is all I can say. And so is the Saluki from Vienna via Dubai. And the Ponter/Mix in Prague. And here are the poop cans and bags provided by the city and they are everywhere! Who goes on vacations to the great cities of the world and is jealous about poop bags and refuse containers? Me!