Today is National Trivia Day which means of course on this site the trivia will be all about dogs.
Every year about this time my husband and I decide to watch a series from beginning to end and critique it. Some series don’t make it to the end, some barely a few episodes. But this year we started watching Frasier. What a great, great show. The acting, the writing, the characters, the dog. Frasier won thirty-seven
Emmy awards over an eleven-year span. One of the most enjoyable characters on the show never said a word. His name was Eddie, Martin’s dog who stared endlessly at Frasier. Oh, Eddie did not seem to care for John Mahoney who played Martin. He says Moose bit him whenever he sat in Martin’s lap. Another totally related but non-dog trivia. John Mahoney was British, I met him once and he was a total love, and my nephew starred with him in a very short-lived Broadway show.
Eddie was played by Moose. Some say he was a Jack Russell Terrier. According to Moose’s biography, he was played by a Parson Russell Terrier. Here’s something I didn’t know. Both the Jack Russell and Parson Terriers were bred as working breeds. However, it’s the Parson terrier that was bred as a hunting dog with a higher energy level. The Jack Russell terrier was bred more as a companion dog. … Both the Russell and Parson terrier are recognized by the AKC, but the Jack Russell terrier isn’t.
Moose was paid, wait for it, around $10,000 per episode, for a net worth of approximately $3.2 million! He died in 2006 and his son Enzo took over for Moose until the show ended in 2010. Enzo was one of a few puppies bred specifically as possible replacements for Eddie as it became clear that Frasier was a hit and would enjoy a long run.
A few other little trivia nuggets for today.
Normal adult dogs have 42 teeth.
Dogs have three sets of eyelids.
Dogs sweat through their paws.
Dogs are not color blind nor do they see only in black and white.
Sit is the number one command taught to dogs.
A dog’s most highly developed sense is smell. In fact, a dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10,000 times more effective than our own.
St. Bernard is the breed of dog named after the monks of a Swiss hospice, who kept them for finding lost travelers in the Alps?
In Greek mythology, the guard dog Cerberus had three heads. That’s a lot of teeth!
Puppies are delivered how many nine weeks after conception.
The Chihuahua is the smallest of all the breeds.
The Chow Chow has a black tongue.
The Basenji yodels instead of barks.
Dalmatians are born white and develop their distinctive black spots later.
It is cheaper to spay or neuter a dog than it is to raise a litter of puppies for one year.
Any other fun trivia to share?