Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day and we wanted to highlight this day so that hopefully people come and meet Spot. This is a day set aside to educate, change minds, and bring about positive media attention to pit bulls across the country all in one day. That’s a pretty tall order since there are so many misconceptions about pit bulls.

At NEW PAWSibilities we are an all-breed, all age rescue bringing in all dogs without regard to long-standing prejudices that exist towards many breeds.

The following is an excerpt from the linked article.

“So, what is a pit bull? This is a question with a complex answer. Bronwen Dickey, author of “Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon,” dates the early use of the term to the 1800s.

“The term ‘pit bull’ is a shortened version of the general term ‘pit bulldog,’ which was used throughout the 19th century,” Dickey said in an email. They were “smallish, stocky, smooth-coated” dogs, some of whom were used in dogfighting, she said, while “plenty of others lived low-key lives as farm dogs and family pets.”

Today, the term pit bull generally does not refer to any one specific breed of dog. (Though some breed aficionados argue it should.)

Rather, “like ‘hound,’ ‘pit bull’ is a ‘type,'” Dickey said. “Within that type, there are four distinct pedigree breeds: the American pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and the American bully.”

Please take the time to read this wonderful article and get a better feel for the term pit bull. Today is a day to celebrate the fact that there are no bad breeds. There are misconceptions, people who have abused specific types of dogs, who have helped to promote a stereotype that this “breed” doesn’t deserve a home.

For the next two weeks as we get to closer to revealing our PAWSitively Perfect DNA winner we’ll be looking at why a specific breed is not as important as training, love, lifestyle, and more.

Let’s celebrate National Pit Bull Day!…/what-pit-bull-it-s-not-actually-dog…