This one is a real stretch. Somebody actually went to all the trouble to have yesterday proclaimed National Nothing Day. According to the website, “Each year on January 16, people across the nation observe National Nothing Day. National Nothing Day was created as a day to provide Americans with one national day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything.” I should have posted this yesterday but I was busy doing nothing.
I think those of us here are incapable of not celebrating our dogs. We have to celebrate our dogs every single day because they have changed our lives. If you’re like me, you now make decisions about your life based on your dog. And you love it.
Food, Glorious Food
I started cooking for my family when I was nine-years-old and I have now become a pretty amazing cook. Just ask the NEW PAWS crew about the Christmas party. But now everyone who has eaten at my house wants me to cook. All the time. As flattering as that is it’s expensive and time-consuming. Today and every day I will celebrate that with my dog I don’t have to be a world-class chef and he loves me as if I had just served him a five-star meal.
Let’s Go!
My dog is programmed to go, go, go. When I decide I need exercise, or that he needs a bathroom walk, he loves me. The minute I grab the leash he is at the door sitting patiently waiting for me to yell, “Wanna go for a walk?” He’s nothing but love in that body, that face, that heart.
Great Listener
No matter whether it’s a great day and I want him to listen to the litany of exciting successes, or one of those other days we all invariably have, I love that my dog listens. He stares with those giant eyes, in fact he has the same look on his face as when I feed him, and he listens. He sits still or cuddles next to me and makes me feel that there is no other relationship I have ever or will ever have that compares to this. Not even the $50.00 weekly co-pay I spent on the therapist after my car wreck. He’s also way more affordable and he loves me. My therapist liked me, but she sure didn’t love me.
Forever Friends
I work out of my home office and have days when I don’t talk to many people. Since I am still relatively new to Wisconsin my friend base isn’t very large. In the past that might have been a problem. But I have the best, most loving, kindest, caring friend I’ve ever had. My dog is two-years-old and the puppy antics are mellowing and he would, as cliché as it sounds, take a bullet for me. Hopefully, he never will have to prove that level of love. But he loves me and is truly my best friend.
All I Need Is Love
Whether my dog is being picked up at daycare or in his kennel waiting for me to hear the door open he knows I’m coming to get him. No matter what. If I’m too busy to walk him, he will wait. If I want to go out to a place where I can’t bring my dog, he will wait. If I decide it’s too cold for more than a quick backyard trip for the essentials, he doesn’t hold it against me. He rockets to wherever I am and showers me with kisses, he dances with excitement, he is deliriously excited to know that me, me! is in the house. It’s the best feeling in the world to be that loved by my dog.
My dog loves me unconditionally. And that is why on yesterday, today, and for as long as he lives it’s impossible to celebrate nothing. Without NEW PAWSibilities I would not have THIS dog. THIS dog knew that from the moment he walked into the visiting room that I was his person. I can’t imagine any other shelter or pet store or breeder would have had THIS perfect dog.
If you don’t have a dog to do nothing with why not swing by and get a dog from us. I promise you that your life will be forever changed. Not by getting a dog. But by getting YOUR dog. And YOUR dog is waiting for you at NEW PAWSibilities.