Today is National Mutt Day! National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd.

The founder of this day says, “Desperately longing for a new home, millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs in shelters across the United States are waiting for someone to come and adopt them. National Mutt Day provides an excellent opportunity to find the perfect canine companion. Despite the name, a mutt learns, obeys and trains much like purebred animals. While their lineage cannot be traced and their features a bit murky, their companionship will be faithful.”

Most Americans are mutts. Oh, we can call it Heinz 57 like they did when I grew up, but very few of us know that we are only German or Mexican or African American.

Last year I learned a lot about my mother’s side of her family thanks to DNA tests but also the hard work my sister did at museums and historical societies where she was able to get paper documents such as ship’s manifests and pension applications. We learned that not only do we appear to not be Native American but we’re Irish! My mother’s great-great-grandfather was placed on a ship as an under two-year-old infant in the care of a family coming to America because of the potato famine.

Her other great-great-grandfather was born in Kentucky, like all of our dogs, fathered by the German Jewish slave master. His mother was a slave and we know he ran away and fought for the Union and was killed. His wife applied for his pension and so we have that proof. And that’s only on my mom’s side. We know my dad is Creole from New Orleans but we need to keep working on that lineage.

In Hawaii, we use the term Poi Dog for mutts, be they of the two or four-legged variety. I love that term.

We are full to bursting with some great Poi Dogs for your choosing. Whether you want a small lap dog or a frisky puppy who might grow into a seventy-pounder there’s an excellent chance he or she are waiting for you to find them.

We’re open today till 4:00 and back tomorrow from 7:00 – 6:00 pm. The roads are getting cleared and we’d love to arrange a meeting where your future dog chooses you. Yeah, that’s how it usually goes.

Celebrate National Mutt Day by adopting a dog, making monetary donations, sponsoring a fee for a dog who needs a home, bringing a donation of food, cleaning supplies, and toys. So many ways to celebrate! You can also hug your rescue mutt. That’s a great way to celebrate.