Today is National Mutt Day! Do you know what that means? Today is your day to find your perfect mutt because we have wonderful dogs. So why a mutt? Or we can call them mixed breeds, chop suey, or like we do in Hawaii, poi dogs.

No matter what you call them we call them perfect pets. So why adopt a mutt?

1. By adopting a mutt, you’re saving a life.

All of our dogs come from a high kill shelter from the poorest county in Kentucky. By adopting a mutt from us you are saving a life. Doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Mutts tend to have fewer health problems and they live longer.

So this is up for grabs depending upon the study you read. The vast majority from the ASCPA to Pet Med to the Humane Society of the United States all agree there are fewer medical problems with mixed breed.

3. Mutts are one of a kind.

One thing I love about my dog is I never hear, “My dog looks exactly like yours!” I do hear, “He’s adorable? What is he? I’ve never seen one who looks like him.” I love being one of a kind and with a mutt, you’re pretty much guaranteed a one of a kind dog.

4. By adopting a mutt, you’re raising awareness for adoption and rescue.

No matter where I go these days when I asked people where they got their rescue dog they tell me NEW PAWSibilities. That’s good news for us and good news for all of the thousands of dogs who are waiting for their new home. Every time a successful adoption happens people are more willing to adopt a shelter dog.

5. Mutts are more affordable.

No argument here. My friend recently got a dog from a breeder because of allergies. The fee doesn’t include spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, any vaccinations, etc. I am not exaggerating when I say by the time she was done she could have paid three months of my mortgage and taken me to dinner and had change left for a dog from NEW PAWSibilities! Our adoption fees are $300/$350 including all of the above. That’s significant and did we mention you can save a life?

There are tons of other reasons to adopt a mutt today or any other day. The number one reason? You fall in love. All of our mutts have a dominant breed but the secondary breed is ALWAYS love. Come in and meet the love of your life today.