Today is National Everything You Do Is Right Day and I bet there are a ton of us out there, myself included, who feel like no one is doing anything right. I feel that way about many things in my life.

It’s easy to be that back seat driver or the Monday morning quarterback and point the finger at everything that has been done wrong. So let’s talk about what I see you guys did right this weekend.

You came in and adopted dogs! You visited, you were patient and understanding with delays, you supported a small business, you told others about us, and you cared.

No one does everything right on any day but you are doing the best you can and so are we.

I had a terrible night last night because my brain would not shut down. Between what’s going on, my husband’s upcoming cancer surgery that might or might not happen on schedule, worry about my family and friends throughout the country, and anything else my brain could dwell on in the middle of the night because things are always worse when you are exhausted and can’t sleep, I am not my usual self this morning.

We can all agree that dogs are amazing and special and they do pretty much everything right when it comes to supporting their person. Coconut didn’t finish his meal this morning. He kenneled himself instead of curling up on the couch with my husband, he didn’t pester either of us to take him for a walk. He was just a little off. My first thought was that he was sick. Not sure with what, but sick. Then I realized that Coconut picks up on my moods. He figured out pretty quickly that I’m stressed, I’m nervous. So he became stressed and questioned the change in our routine and our relationship.

So today Coconut is at daycare at NEW PAWSibilities playing with the few dogs that are left because he needs to feel normal whether I do or not. And me? You’ll see fewer posts, maybe it will take longer to answer emails or messages, and I’ll read something that has nothing to with pandemics or toilet paper or cancer or dogs. And then I’ll take a deep breath after a few hours and I’ll be me again when Coconut comes home.

After all of this is over what really will have mattered is how we treated each other. Each other means our family, our friends, people on Facebook with vastly different opinions than ours, people working in stores and restaurants and in healthcare, and, of course, our dogs. And our cats.

Most of all, be kind to yourself. Your dog will never let you down even when you let him down. They are resilient that way. Today is National Everything You Do Is Right Day and you won’t do everything right. But if you treat yourself kindly, if you think before you speak or answer a post, if you love your dog and let your dog take care of you, then that’s probably all the right you need today.