It’s finally here! Our day! National Dog Day!

Dogs have long been called man’s best friend and the longer I have my dog and interact with other dogs the more I believe it.

Today we celebrate all dogs, all breeds, all mixes, all sizes, all ages. Over my career as a sales and marketing professional, I worked with lots of different companies and products. A teacher by training, I believe that at the heart of marketing any product is education. I helped people get jobs, created the branding and sales platform for the first cellular network in Hawaii, worked for an airline and a hotel, and eventually for the largest travel company in the world. But nothing is as important and life-changing as helping NEW PAWSibilities find homes for the dogs who are rescued from the high kill shelter in Kentucky. The cool thing is that I get to learn new things and then share my newfound knowledge with others.

Before getting my own dog I never would have agreed to work this many hours for so little! I went to an animal wellness conference in New Orleans in April and the vast majority of people there were volunteers paying their own way. This is not an industry where you make a ton of money. But it is one that makes a bigger difference than anything I’ve ever done in my life.
From the family pet to drug and bomb-sniffing dogs to those involved in service and therapy, all dogs work selflessly each day to enrich our lives in so many ways. What we love best here are the smiles. Yes, dogs smile. And we love the human smiles and giggles and stories. We love seeing that what we do makes a difference.

Millions of dogs are killed each year because they are overlooked. Or maybe their owners did not take the time to train them and so behaviors that are highly able to be changed turn a good dog into one that their families are unwilling to keep.

All any dog ever wants is to love and be loved. It’s pretty simple, actually. Dogs are loving, compassionate, smart, courageous and sensitive. They change lives in so many ways and we are proud to bring in transports so that they can not only live but thrive with their new families.

Every day we have dogs at NEW PAWSibilities who have been here for far too long, dogs who would make a great companion if only someone would adopt them. Celebrate National Dog Day by coming in to look at one of the overlooked dogs we have. Or you could get a puppy. You could donate money to help us keep bringing in dogs. Whatever you do to help these dogs will be greatly appreciated today or any of the other 364 days of the year.