Today is National Cuddle Day and while the creators of this day likely were thinking about people and not pets we think every day is cuddle day for lots of pets. But not all.


When I envisioned getting a dog I thought I’d have a pooch who would cuddle with me and enjoy my touch. That’s not what happened. We ended up with a dog who likes belly rubs but would never sit on my lap or let me snuggle.


Dogs are like people with their own personalities and likes and dislikes. We also have no idea about his past and that might play a role in his reluctance to cuddle. We’ve had him for three years and only now he’s moving closer on the sofa and leaning against us and allowing us to almost cuddle. But if it gets to be too much he is off that sofa in a flash.


Coconut is thirty-four-pounds and he loves me unlike any animal or human ever has. But he loves me on his terms when it comes to touch. At first, I thought maybe it was his size. We like to think of cuddling types of dogs as small, fluffy little ones but that’s not always the case. I started seeing awesome photos of Great Danes and St. Bernard’s who think they are lap dogs!


So why do dogs cuddle? Here’s a great article about dogs and cuddling. We’d love to see your cuddle bugs and how they communicate their need to cuddle. I’ll find one with my husband because he seems to be the one who is most likely to get an almost cuddle. I think it’s because when he had cancer Coconut knew and that’s when the cuddling starts. I’m not saying I want cancer but I sure would like a few more cuddles.