November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month–a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes. At NEW PAWSibilities we’ve increased the number of senior and other dogs who are harder to adopt. All of our dogs come from Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter. We could easily bring in all puppies or two-year-old dogs but our mission is to rescue dogs who will not be allowed to live if they don’t leave the kill shelter in a short amount of time.

Today we have a transport of dogs coming in, including some seniors. If you care about sweet seniors, help spread the word throughout November. Better yet, come by and meet some of our senior dogs and consider taking one home.

“The best thing about adopting a senior dog,” says Executive Director J. Deering, “is that young animals need lots of patience, energy, and consistent training to help them become well-adjusted family pets. Because senior pets are typically calmer and less energetic than puppies, it’s easier for them to become a part of a household. Most senior pets are already housebroken, they might be good at staying in their kennel, they know how to leash walk, and are excellent companions. Their low-key natures can also make them ideal for households with children or for adults who are themselves a little slower and are simply looking for a companion.”

We’ve posted a lot about the benefits of bringing a senior dog home, but probably the best part about adopting a dog seven years and above is that you are truly saving a life. Senior dogs have so much life left in them and so much love to give. They are grateful and they seem to know they have been saved and they give so much compassion to their person.

Bobbi Hague of Spunky’s Paw Prints by Bobbi is a professional pet photographer who loves taking pictures of senior dogs. “They tend to be calmer and more willing to sit for longer periods of time. With puppies, there’s an energy that is fun to capture. But with senior dogs, I always try and remember that every old dog has a story to tell and that story is usually in the eyes. So that’s where I try to focus.”

If you are adopting a senior dog, or you already have one, please consider contacting Bobbi who has done so many of the pictures on our new site. Based in Green Bay she’s very much in demand and she does travel throughout our adoption area. Visit her Facebook page at to take a peek at her camera.

Look at these sweet seniors taken by Bobbi. Aren’t they amazing?