I’m having 14 people over for dinner in May. We’re all going to see The Temptations and The Four Tops at the arena here in Oshkosh. Yeah, pretty stoked.
Someone asked me when I told them if I was going to board my dog so we could all enjoy people in peace? What about people with allergies or a fear of dogs? Would all that excitement be too much for Coconut?
Yeah, no. Coconut loves to greet newcomers and then we give him a snack in his kennel and he listens while we chat and eat. If someone doesn’t like dogs then they need to remember. My dog is my family and my family takes precedence over visitors. Period.
The other important thing to discuss? Menu! Four different soups, two salads, bread and rolls, four different cookies, and ice cream. Doesn’t that sound like a super fun and easy way to do dinner?