If you feel like we’ve had this discussion this year your memory is good. On July 31st we celebrated National Mutt Day and we’re doing it again today. That’s right, we love mutts do much that December 2nd is also National Mutt Day. 
Last month we completed the DNA contest and that gave us an opportunity to look at one dog’s DNA and also to discuss different breeds. At the end of the contest we earned an astonishing amount of information about our test dog but we also came away realizing that what matters to dog owners and to the dogs we adopt is not the breed but the love we share.
When our dogs come to us from the Kentucky high kill shelter they are breed-determined by their staff and that breed mix must legally stay on their paperwork along with their name and age. From time to time there’s a lively discussion disputing the choice that a vet or a previous owner or staff person attached to a certain dog but the fact remains that our hands are tied when it comes to changing anything. Our hope is and always been that people adopt dogs based on size, personality, age, and the factors they can easily determine.
The vast majority of dogs available for adoption are those one-of-a-kind mutts who are rescued not because of not being purebred but for a multitude of other reasons. Maybe someone lost a job and they can no longer afford to care for their pet. Illness or death or moving are three other reasons a dog becomes homeless. Some dogs are strays because spay/neuter programs are not prevalent in some areas of our country.
But here’s the really cool thing about the overwhelming majority of dogs we get at NEW PAWSibilities. When we’re talking about mutts it’s rare to find any two that are exactly alike. You can have a litter where every dog looks like they have different parents and, in some cases, they do have different fathers. Our goal is to remind people through education, awareness, and love that every dog is unique, adoptable, and that personality, not pedigree is what makes every dog special
Here are just a few reasons to love a mutt and to consider adopting one as your forever dog.
1. They are unique. Purebreds pretty much look the same, not that that’s a crime, but if you want to be the person people play twenty questions with then it’s time to get a mutt. What matters most is their personalities and a blend of breeds can create one-of-a-kind looks and big personalities.
2. Mixed breeds tend to be healthier. Purebreds are prone to breed-specific illnesses. Mutts are heartier because they come from a more diverse gene pool. The gene pool from one breed can cancel out the disease-gene pool from another breed, resulting in a healthier dog which is great news for dog owners. Not only does that mean possibly fewer vet bills but a longer life with a dog we love.
3. They are smart. Okay, pretty much all dogs are smart and intuitive. But some mixed dog breeds may be better at certain tasks due to characteristic traits. However, they all can be trained to perform many tasks. All dogs will thrive with the correct nutrition, excellent vet care, and training.
4. Mixed breeds make for affordable family pets. People who purchase dogs from a breeder can pay up to $1,000 or more for the initial purchase. Add in spay or neuter and the initial vet bills and vaccinations and you’re looking at over $1,500 just to get started. Not every dog sells for that amount, but why shop when you can adopt? At between $300 and $350.00 the initial costs for a mixed dog breed is far less than a purebred dog. Mutts tend to be less costly over time as well, due to less health risks down the road. What does that mean to you? They tend to be more affordable and potentially live longer which means more love for you and your family.
5. Statistics show that currently 70% of all dogs are mixed breeds and that means that they need us more than the 30% purebreds out there. Shelter dogs are thankful and grateful due to the circumstances surrounding their rescue. Once they get settled into your home they show their gratefulness in so many ways.
Whether you’ve just found him or he’s been in the family for years, give your mutt a hug today and celebrate with a little token of appreciation. And if you’re looking to add a furry family member to your pack, adopting a mixed dog breed pup from a NEW PAWSibilities is undoubtedly a wonderful way to find your four-legged pal.
We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:00 – 5:45, Saturday from 8:00 – 4:45, and Sunday from 9:00 – 3:45. We will help you find the best mutt possible. And if there’s a purebred consider yourself lucky because they make awesome companions, too.