Coconut gets up before us every morning. I think most dogs do because they are no respecters of binge-watching till 2:00 am or late night wine parties with friends. Okay, insert beer instead.
Either way, dogs have this internal clock and they are up and ready to go more quickly than most humans.
Coconut sleeps in one of his four beds that reside in this house. Four. Four beds. He has his crocheted throw and I tuck him in every might. He snuggles down, his breathing changes, the snoring begins. His little legs kick off the throw and he begins to run in his dreams.
When he deems it is morning and time to get up and eat and play he pitter-patters to Gary’s side of the bed. He stands up, paws on the bed, and waits for Gary to tell him good morning with a pat on the head and in exchange Coconut gives him a lick on the hand. Or a few licks. 
After he’s had enough Daddy love he makes his way to my side of the king size bed and repeats the pat and lick process until I am willing to get up and start his day.
The first thing I see every morning… is a dog who loves me!
I know you all can relate. But this morning I woke up thinking of all the dogs at NEW PAWSibilities who wake up and have no person that they love. They don’t have anyone special and I stayed in bed a little longer making a list of all the wonderful dogs who have been here far longer than any of us thought possible.
There are many reasons why dogs stay with us for three, four, five months and more. We love them here but we know they will be happier in a home. Waking someone up first thing in the morning. Because as annoying as it can be after a late night of reading “just one more page!” of an awesome book, being loved like my dog loves me is worth the loss of sleep.
If you are looking for a dog please visit our website and then come and find a dog who will worship you. Then you can also say, “The first thing I see every morning… is a dog who loves me!”