We love, love, love PAWSitive Endings and this is a great one. Who are we kidding? They are all great! Thank you to Sarah and Jerett for sending us so many awesome pictures.


We adopted Mila (previously Beauty) at the end of 2012 and she is turning 8 next month. We adopted Arthur (we kept the name Arthur – it fit him so well!) last August and he is now just over a year old. We love them both so much, and even better – they love each other!

Mila is a very sweet girl who loves to snuggle with anyone that is willing to share their lap. We just started taking her kayaking and she has been doing so well! Arthur has been so much fun to have around for the past year. He is so full of energy and has brought out a playful side of his (sometimes) grumpy older sister.

Arthur has finished two training classes so far and we are getting ready to start our third in the fall. Thank you so much for doing what you do! We love our babies so much and they make each day better and more exciting!

-Sarah & Jerett

P.S. Sorry for attaching so many pictures – they are so cute I couldn’t decide which ones to include!