Now this is a beautiful boy and we now know exactly what he is. Midnight is the perfect name for this guy. All that plus a PAWSitive Ending! We love it. It sounds like this family is doing so much right and that Midnight will be a much-loved family member for many, many years.
“Midnight (formerly Pauly) is doing quite well.
He learned his name by the third day we had him. He learned to stay on his bed while we eat, and on his bed during the night. He waits nicely for his food until I release him, and can sit and stay for a short while.
He pulls pretty badly on walks, he wants to meet everyone. He is friendly to dogs, children, and adults. He has great energy and a good sense of fun. I will be starting obedience classes with him next week. This will help me be the best dog owner I can be, and help him know how to be his best self.
We love him.” — Irene Humphrey Klapoetke