I walk around my neighborhood sometimes six or eight miles over four or five dog walks. We have a ton of dogs!
Coconut loves meeting new people and dogs, I think he loves the people more, but it’s been harder to do that with COVID-19. And now that the weather is cooling down we will have less outdoor time.
But that doesn’t mean our dogs should not have mental stimulation as they do on walks or at the dog park. There are so many things we can do to not only help them to remain mentally happy and healthy but also enjoy being with them.
When I walk I hear a lot of dogs inside barking, barking, barking. I get it. People have to work and many people don’t think of daycare or they can’t afford it. Often mental stimulation during the day or a brisk walk will help to reduce barking, chewing, and other behaviors. And it doesn’t have to cost money to do most things.
Covid-19 is making everything worse these days including allowing neighbors and dog walkers access to your home. But a tired dog is not a bored dog and that usually equals a happy dog who doesn’t exhibit what we think of as bad behavior.
Here is an excellent article published back when we figured this would be over by the summer. But the tips are relevant.