We talk about the dogs who never seemed to get asked out on a date to trot into the visitation room to meet someone one who falls in love with them, might ask them to go home.

Kato and Korah

But so often we have the belle of the ball with us and the picture alone tells the story. These dogs are certain breeds or they are draw-jocking gorgeous. With some, it’s their personality.

These dogs keep the phones ringing, applications are sent in and people message and email to find ask about holding a dog. We all say that we need 25 these dogs to keep everyone happy.

Today’s PAWSitive Endings is one of these belles of the ball dogs and his name was also Bear. Last week everyone wanted Bear, and with good reason.

Bear is a black German Shepherd and stunningly beautiful. Nicole Roberts was kind enough to share her story about how the week has been going at their home with their new dog who they have renamed Kato.
Thank you, Nicole, for the pictures and comments. We really appreciate them.

Enjoying the Weather

“Hi, all! Just wanted to thank you for what you do! My husband and I brought Kato aka Bear home about a week ago and he has been the perfect addition to our furry family. He has the sweetest disposition and is already best friends with his sister Korah. He loves exploring outside and getting lots of cuddles and head scratches. We’re so grateful you let us give him a home.

We were luckier than him! Such a good boy. Can’t believe he was ever surrendered. Thank you for working with us to get this very popular boy and trusting us with him.” — Nicole Roberts