PAWSitive Endings are the entire reason we do what we do. Rescuing dogs is pretty cool but we could never do it unless we had homes and that’s where you come in. We absolutely love when people come and visit and fall in love with their perfect dog and getting updates makes our day.

“I adopted Oreo on May 19, he is the sweetest little dog! He was pretty timid when I brought him home but within a few days, he was acting like he’d been here forever!

He adores our golden retriever and follows him everywhere. Although Willy wasn’t exactly thrilled to get a little brother, he came around for the most part and they have a lot of fun playing together.

They both love tennis balls and it makes my heart so happy to see Reo running at top speed around the yard with his ball. He is such a happy little guy and has great manners! — Lori Bernier

Thank you, Lori, for allowing us to be a part of your family’s life. And thank you for such fun pictures.