Ask and ye shall receive. We asked for PAWSitive Ending stories and we are getting some great ones. I love this update because this wonderful family did not through in the towel when their pooch was a little under the weather and not trained. We always tell people that these are rescues and we don’t know their past. This family is obviously more concerned with her present and we can’t wait to hear more stories down the road. Congratulations!
“Hello!!! I just wanted to share with you a PAWSitive Ending. About three weeks ago, my husband and I adopted “Carly” a one-year old (ish) Beagle/Mix who is now Piper.
The first week she was shy, slept A TON, and seemed to be a little sick (goopy eyes, bloated belly, etc.).
Now, 2 weeks later, she loves cuddles, ripping up toys, zoomies around the house, and playing with children and other dogs. She came to us not potty trained and she’s on her fifth day of no accidents inside while biting our training bells when she wants to go out!
Along with starting puppy training classes this Wednesday. She so wants to please and is an incredibly smart pup! We are so happy that we adopted this sweet girl from you!
We’re not 100% she’s fully one since she has a lot of puppy tendencies with that adorable smoochy look! But we also think she had some puppies and maybe she came from a puppy mill in Kentucky! She’s loving freedom!
Thank you guys for your hard work to save these pups. ❤️ — Isabella Brabant