We love our dogs no matter what their DNA but it sure is fun to learn a bit more. Thank you, Kayla Lewin, for sharing the results and his goofing reaction. He is a truly beautiful pup.
“Good morning! Thought we would share some fun DNA test results on one of your pups that we adopted a month ago 😊 you had him posted as a Hound mix (which we 100% new he was definitely a hound) but we kept getting comments like ‘oh he’s definitely a Doberman’ or ‘I see Rottweiler in him’.
So we became very curious as to what he was a mix of so we decided to do a little digging! We had our family and friends all guess what they saw in him (personality & appearance) and then we revealed the results on Facebook! So fun!
Even if he came back 50% mountain lion we would have loved him still 🥰 he’s such a sweetheart & we are very grateful to you guys at New PAWSibilites! Thank you for what you do! 🐶❤️
This is what the post read: OMG Scout’s DNA results are back! 🐶🐾🧬 (this was Scout’s face when I shared his results with him)
Scout is a fun mix of 75% hound mixes!
One of his parents was a Redbone Coonhound + Treeing Walker Coonhound.
The other parent was a Boxer + Irish Setter + English Foxhound + German Shepard Dog.
His estimated adult weight is 50-84lbs.
So fun to read more about his genetics! Now wish us luck with his super-strong nose and all the poor bunnies in the yard 🐰🐶