Many years ago in another life, I owned a marketing friend. Logo creation was a huge deal because in a small number of words, often none, in fact, you need to somehow let the world know in seconds who you are, what you are selling or a service you provide. Colors, shapes, and more go into logos and they typically cost tens of thousands of dollars to design.

Last year a volunteer from home, a true professional who also loves dogs, volunteered her services. So what does our logo say? What are we providing? Why come to us? Yes, we have dogs, but our tag line says it all. “Love is just a wag away.” What our logo says is that what people want and what we have is love.

Love can come in a Cattle Dog, a teeny Pomeranian, an undetermined mixed breed. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and breeds and colors and ages. The common theme is that love is a wagging tail.

Do you ever just look at your fur-babies, stop and think… “Wow, I love them so much!”

Guess what? They look at you the same way. We talk to them, pet and cuddle, give them treats. The ways that our dogs tell us they love us are more subtle. They use their eyes, they want to sit in our space on the sofa, and they wag their tail. The wagging is what gets us all excited.

If you are feeling like you need more love in your home and your life then maybe it’s time to come in and look at some wagging tails and chose one for yourself.

Multiple times a day you’ll be saying, “Wow, I love them so much!” as their tail wags bag and forth like a piano metronome.