Decisions, decisions. First comes the question of if a dog is an option. For a long time, dogs were for other people, not me. Circumstances changed and I walked into NEW PAWSibilities convinced they would never find a dog for me that did not bark, jump, slobber, sleep on my bed, or generally take up too much of my time. Hey, three out of five is pretty good and now I love this dog, he has changed my life. What I didn’t do was to walk in with a certain full breed in my head that I had to have. There is nothing wrong with full breed dogs, we even get them from time to time.

Whether a companion animal, a hiking buddy, a puppy to train to your exact desires, or a senior you can love for several years, we probably have it. We might not have many purebred dogs any given day but we do have dozens of mixed breeds, otherwise known as mutts. So why adopt a mutt?

Everyone wins when you adopt a dog from NEW PAWSibilities. Giving an abandoned dog a forever home is life-changing — for everyone. Here are just a few reasons to consider adopting a mutt from a shelter on National Mutt Day.

Be A Hero – Save a Life. Or Three or More

The number one reason to adopt a mutt is that when you do that you save a life. All of our dogs come from a high-kill shelter in the poorest county in Kentucky. The odds are good that if we don’t transport these dogs here they might not live. Simple as that. When you adopt your dog, you are opening up space for another dog who is also in jeopardy of being killed. Adopting a dog actually frees up resources that allows NEW PAWSibilities the opportunity to bring up to an additional three to five dogs!  Plus, decreasing the demand for purebred puppies is one of the best ways to fight abusive puppy mills.

Studies Show Mixed Breeds Are Often Healthier

Just like humans, genetics in dogs means that there can often be breed-specific health risks. Crossbreeding, which is a nice way of saying what happens when owners don’t spay or neuter and then nature takes its course, makes offspring less likely to carry a defective gene. Just like those mice in Biology class. Same thing. There’s never a guarantee that any dog won’t have some type of genetic issue, but in general, mutts tend to be healthier, more robust, and just awesome dogs. If having fewer health concerns is one of boxes that needs to be checked before adopting a dog you might want to consider a shelter mutt.

Enjoy Them for Longer

Because mutts tend to be healthier and more robust it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that mixed breeds live longer allowing you to love your dog for as long as possible.

It’s Hands Down More Affordable

 Here in Northeastern Wisconsin, the average cost to fix a dog is between $200.00 – $250.00. By the time you add in the initial vaccinations and microchipping, not even including the actual purchase of a purebred that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the startup cost to be a responsible dog owner is on average between $750.00 to $1,000. At $300.00 our adoption fee is so affordable. Add in fewer genetic health risks and the fact that many mutts are more robust adopting a shelter dog could save you money in lifelong veterinary care.

No Cookie Cutter Dogs!

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing those purebred dogs prance their way to victory at dog shows? Come on, fess up. However, mutts are always one-of-a-kind. I’m amazed that five puppies from the same litter can look so vastly different from each other. As an added bonus you get to play that fun party game called, What Is Your Dog?

Trainable and Unique

Each breed of dog has been bred over the centuries to perform a specific task such as herding or hunting. But a mutt typically has many abilities and so that can make them more adaptable and trainable. You’ll still want to choose a dog based on personality, size, family, age, and more. But a mutt is a great way to have a dog like none other and that’s pretty cool.

If you were raised with a Cocker Spaniel or a Beagle or some other breed you have an emotional tie and that’s understandable. There is nothing wrong with buying a purebred from a top-notch breeder who you’ve researched and that is well respected. We obviously are biased and have a special place in our hearts for mutts. They are resilient, full of life, and extremely grateful to the one who rescued them and found them their lifelong, loving home. Be a hero. Save lives. Adopt a mutt today or any of the 364 other days of the year that we’re open.